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  C2315  C. Dendi's Sierra.  
Compact plant with bright purple to pink flowers to 100mm.  Good  shape and substance.     NFS  $15.00


 C2358  Lc. Natalie Clark ‘Purple Splash’ x Lc. Natalie Clark ‘Cream Spot’.  White base with purple petals some will be light with small spots.                     Good flower count, upright spike, carrying up to 6-7 flowers.     NFS  $15.00


 C2400  C. Mini Purple ‘Dendi’ x C. Sierra Doll.  Show bench.  Medium size, bright purple.  Maybe some into red.     NFS  $15.00


 C2408  Laelia sincorana x C. Dianne Diehm ‘Dendi’ HCC/AOC.  Bright pink to purple, some will have flaring in petal.  Flowering from small                      plants.     NFS  $15.00


 C2416  Lc. Janet ‘Southern Cross’ x C. Tokyo Magic.  Looking for flowers well above the foliage.  White to light pink with heavier flaring in petals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               FS  $15.00

C2420  Rlc. California Girl x C. Cherry Bee ‘Bette’.  Medium size, white base with pink  blushing or stripes in petals.  Show bench.     FS  $15.00


 C2442  Rlc. Mem. Gordon Vallance x C. Royal Beau ‘Dendi’ FCC/AOC.  One for the show bench fanciers.  White through to pinks.     A  $8.00


 C2443  C. Royal Beau x C. Sierra Doll.  Looking for show bench flower of pink through to purple with yellow in lip.     A  $8.00


 C2444  C. Pink Doll x C. Royal Beau ‘Dendi’ FCC/AOC.  Another show bench style flower. Pink to purple, some could be very dark.     A  $8.00






Flask List 2015


This will be one of the last of our flask lists as we are no longer doing any breeding.






 171 Slc. Seagulls Mini Haven x Rth. Dendi’s Spirit.  Will be show bench yellow to orange flowers from compact plants.     $65.00


 097 Rth. Dendi’s Spirit x Slc. Jungle Gem ‘Dendi’.  Good shaped yellows with red spotting.  Should be exciting.     $65.00


 080 C. Dal’s Cutie x C. Red Elf.  These will have the shape of coccinea only larger and dark red from compact plants.     $65.00


 073 Pot. Burana Angel x C. Red Elf.  Exciting breeding here.  Red Elf has coccinea in it and with the blending of Burana should give                                                                       some good reds for show bench from compact plants.     $65.00


 064 Rlc. Mount Isa Jean x C. Royal Beau ‘dendi’ FCC/AOC.  The yellow from Mt. Isa should intensify the colour of Royal Beau.  

                                                                    There could be the odd yellow.    $65.00


 059 C. Pink Doll x C. Royal Beau ‘Dendi’ FCC/AOC.  Mid size show bench pinks to purples with a darker lip.  We have flowered some of

                                                                    these and have been happy with the colour and shape.     $65.00