Tips for Moving to Brisbane on a Budget

Tips for Moving to Brisbane on a Budget

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Among the cities that capture Australia’s spirit truly is Brisbane. You may have fallen in love with what this third largest city has to offer, and you are already planning on moving.

However, as you may have noticed, joining the other 2.5million residents of this metropolitan city is not as simple as it seems.

5 tips to help you seamlessly move to Brisbane on a budget

Tips for Moving to Brisbane on a Budget

1. Where to Live

This beautiful city is built on Brisbane River and located close to the East coast of Queensland has several suburbs you can settle in. The best ten of them are New Farm, Chermside, Ascot, Clayfield, Hamilton, Newstead, Mt Gravatt, Brookwater, Coopers Plains and Chapel Hill. The following are the most highly sought areas;

  • City
  • Beaches
  • Next to transportation

However, these places are the most expensive and therefore won’t be the best options when moving on a budget. When choosing where to live, take the following into consideration;

  • Workplace proximity in case you are moving to Brisbane for a job
  • Train stops and other transportation means should be close-by
  • Social amenities are as critical, and they include hospitals, schools, shopping and entertainment and this is especially important if moving with family
  • Space that you need for instance a larger backyard in areas that are a little further from shopping centers

2. Move With What You Need

Most of the people consider moving as an opportunity to start life over. However, you may have to relocate with most of the things you have that you will need at the new residence. Among the reasons why this is important are;

  • It reduces the cost because you don’t have to buy everything all over again as you settle in Brisbane
  • You will adapt quickly to the new life with the things you are used to seeing and using in your house
  • Selling off what you won’t need will provide with some extra cash to facilitate the movement

3. Moving Services

There are several moving companies at your disposal that are just a click or call away. A quick search may leave you with several options from which you can choose. Before settling for a moving service, ensure you are comfortable with their costs.

You may also need to choose a reputable company and referrals from friends can be a good way to start. Also, check into the insurance in case anything happens to your things during transportation. You can take pics of those items that are valuable in the event of claims. A company ready to respond to your concerns is worth choosing.

4. Alternative Moving Options

Moving services take away the hustle but are more expensive than the following alternatives that you can choose to stay within your budget

  • Hire a track and do the rest by yourself from loading to transportation
  • You can hire a trailer that will take up all you need to transport
  • In case you have someone you know who has a truck like a friend, you can borrow, and that will cut down the costs
  • Hiring a PODS container can be another option that will cut down on labor costs of loading and offloading
    These alternatives may not be ideal in some situations, and therefore you need to assess their applicability before opting for one.

5. Early Preparation

The last but most crucial tip is early preparation. You need to be ready for moving quite a long while from the actual moving. Know everything that you will be moving with and what you will have to sell. Keep the moving company in the loop about everything and updates.

Avoid last minute rush as it ends up in chaotic moving that will be a nightmare for you. By the day of moving let everything be in place, and you will realize how smooth moving can be besides being affordable. Wherever you will be settling also needs to be sorted out prior your date of moving.


Moving to the fourth most expensive city in Australia may be quite a challenge especially on the costs, but careful preparation and choices can significantly cut it down. Choosing an affordable place is the first step before you think of what you will need to take with you.

Selling off what you won’t need can help take care of the expenses of the moving service. Alternative moving options can save on costs where applicable.

As you prepare to start a new life in Brisbane, you will need to keep the relocation as smooth as possible for a great and pleasant start. You can find out about activities and events from Visit Brisbane which is deicated for familes living and visiting in the city.…

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